About Us

Our mission is to share and grow
the world’s knowledge.

We are some of the professionals who want to provide free, fearless and without boundaries medical education in a microblog format. The purpose is purely educational. There is no legal value at all. This does not replace your doctors, clinical visits, hospitals or any other services that you get locally. You should still turn to text books And the latest information for more information.

Our mission is to provide you with quick and short answers made possible by world pool of famous, talented and learned professionals. There has been a need for this for a long time in the Medical professional world. For professionals who do not have much time to spend to learn and get information in a timely manner.

We aim to create a global community who can teach each other in the Fastest and shortest micro blog format.  Get a quick consultation, or help with a colleague miles apart. If you need to ask a question someone will answer it.

This is NOT to be constitute as a medical advice. 

We here by provide the means to share and discuss medical issues with world renowned experts. We aim to achieve giving you the latest and fastest information.