CN reflexes

Cranial Nerves

🔴 CN Reflexes : cranial nerve reflexes Pupillary : II senses light, motor III constricts pupil  Corneal: first br …

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Disclaimer Views and opinions expressed on our site are not the views or pinions of anybody else but …

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Manganese Toxicity

Magnese toxicityLevodopa resistance LE Parkinsonian s/s, hypophonia, dysarthria, postural instability, myoclonus,Cock walk, hypersomnolance, basal ganglia hyperiintensity on T1 …

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Ongentys (Opicapone)

Ongentys 50 mg once a day

ONGENTYS OPICAPONE peripheral COMT INHIBITOR Pointers 🔻 Adjunctive to  Carbidopa / Levodopa, Monitor BP  HL  1-2 hrs Caution: …

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Lupus anticoagulants

Lupus anticoagulant S/S inc thrombosis / spontaneous abortion. Dx: prolong ptt, + phospholipid neutralization assay, + platelet neutralization …

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1824 Charles Bell described first. 1874 Jean Martin Charcot (named ALS) 55-75 yrs White > black. M>F in …

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