Vyepti : Eptinezumab

🔘 Monoclonal antibody 🔘CGRP inhibitor 🔘migraine prevention 🔘Dose: 100 mg Q3 months to max 300mg

Vyepti : Eptinezumab 🔘Monoclonal antibody 🔘CGRP inhibitor 🔘migraine prevention 🔘Dose: 100 mg IV infusion Q3 months to max …

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Mobitz-type 2


Lifelong antiplatelet therapy is recommended after PFO closure. PFO closure is recommended if there is no other reason for the stroke was found in patients with PFO.

40% Depression in Alzheimer’s

Depression in Alzheimer’s 40%

Depression in Alzheimer’s: Depression in Alzheimer’s: According to experts, approximately 40% of people with Alzheimer’s disease are estimated …

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Myasthenia gravis RX

Quick list of myasthenia gravis medications

MG Rx : Myasthenia gravis med list 🟪Cholinesterase inhibitors : Pyridostigmine (Mestinon) 🟪 Corticosteroids: Prednisone 🟪Immunosuppressants: Inc infection, …

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GENERAL INPATIENT CARE🔲Patient requires short-term inpatient care for pain / other symptom management which cannot be controlled or …

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