Toxoplasma Gondi


S/S: Mild s/s in healthy adults, mild flu like s/s, swollen lymph nodes, during pregnancy: congenital toxoplasmosis. Headache, confusion, seizures hemiparesis, CN + brainstem involvement, hemiparesis, focal neurological symptoms, CD 4 count < 100 cells / mic L in people with AIDS. II Spread: poorly cooked food containing a spores, infested cat feces, infected mother & blood transfusion. Imaging: MRI: show Ring enhancing lesions in the white matter , basal ganglia, corticomedullary junction. Labs: + antibodies in serology amniotic fluid or positive CSF polymerase chain reaction. Rx : 👉🏿 Wash hands and wear gloves if you clean the cat litter. Cook meals well.

Mental status changes in elderly

Causes of Mental status change in the elderly !

Mental status change in elderly:  1. Medications  2. Infection  3. Dehydration  4. Electrolyte imbalance 5. Alcohol 

Delivering bad news

Delivering bad news

👉🏿Privacy: private room or private place.👉🏿Prepare yourself review the history and the testing👉🏿 No disturbances👉🏿 All are in …

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Autoimmune Encephalitis

Limbic encephalitis

Memory deficit + mental status change
+ neuropsychiatric symptoms, behavioral problem autonomic disturbances movement disorder & seizures. Developing within six weeks. Rule out metabolic infectious toxic etiologies