Got Questions

Frequently Asked Questions Overview

What is med300? Who uses it and why should I use it?

Med300 is Medical microblogging. I will take you back to my medical school. I used to teach some of my friends and others in microblog format, what I mean by that is take the whole article and summarize it or make it short and easy that people could  understand. The whole topic in few sentences. I’m using that here to teach one another the most important fact, a pearl, a very important matter in medicine In micro blog format. It is for all medical professionals.

How can I use  med300? Is it free or will I have to pay?

You can use it in multiple ways provided you are a medical professional. We encourage medical professionals to join us and leave some medical problems of their own on the site just like any other social media. It is purely educational and we encourage people to read further. It is free to use and to leave your comments and leave your medical pearls.

Is there any age restriction to use med300?

We prefer that they’re adults. But there shouldn’t be any bad language and or age restriction but we suggest that this site is for the professionals to contact each other and leave some pearls of wisdom in medicine.

Can I use med300  anywhere in the world?

Yes you can.

Can I search for a specific person on the site? 

You may but we are starting very low budget.

Getting Started

How do I create an account on  med300?
You can go to login / sign in : it will ask you what do ? you want to open an account or just sign in. To Open an account you have to fill out some info and we will approve it.  We want a couple of things one is email address. And I would like you to get a username. Don’t have to be your first or the last name it can be anything as long as it is reasonable and socially acceptable. So a username and a password and email address these three things we need
How do I edit my profile?

When you click the right menu the drop-down menu shows profile and just change it there.

How can I invite other people to join

Multiple ways of doing it. First is you can invite the best friends and you can make a group and group chats are allowed but it Has to be medical only. We may allow some moral  building material in some uplifting material.  Mainly: do good do No harm. Refrain from using abusive language and invite friends, chat with them whatever is on your mind medically.

In summary: decide is purely educational. It has no legal values nor the material can be use for an illegal activities. This is not a medical advice to anybody. Always read further regarding that subject. These are pearls of wisdom from one College to another one.