Optic neuritis

Optic neuritis

ON : Optic Neuritis
20-50 yrs, 75% F, 85% white, 👉🏿Movement induce painful unilateral central visual loss, abn color discrimination over days. + Uhthoff phenomenon. afferent pupillary defect, Marcus Gun pupil. 👉🏿Centrocecal scotomas: optic neuritis.
👉🏿W/U: ESR, TFT, ANA, ACE, RPR, DNA mutation study, VEP, MRI : 40%> I lesion, abnormal optic n MRI. 👉🏿Rx: Methyprednisolone: 250 mg iv q6urs, x3d, then prednisone img/kg . po qd x11 d, then taper over 4d,may delay MS and hasten recovery. 👉🏿 95% better in 5 m, 28% recurrance in 5m, 30% develop MS in 5 Yrs. 👉🏿24 patients given ACTHAR 80 units for five days followed by 40 units for 10 days. 


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